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Title: Navigating the Challenges of Private Browsing: How Ensures Accurate Customer Journey Data

In an era where data is king, understanding your customers' journey is paramount for effective marketing, product development, and business management. However, with increasing concerns about privacy, many browsers are introducing features that can inadvertently hinder this process. A prime example is how Safari and other browsers block Google Tag Manager (GTM) when users are in private mode. This poses a significant challenge, as GTM is the de facto tool for collecting website statistics. But there’s a solution—

The Privacy Challenge

Private browsing modes, such as Safari’s Private Browsing, are designed to offer users a layer of privacy. These modes prevent the browser from saving history, cookies, and other site data. While this is a great feature for users who prioritize their privacy, it creates a blind spot for marketers and business managers who rely on tools like GTM to track user behavior and gather insights.

When GTM is blocked in private mode, any user running Safari or similar browsers won’t appear in your site usage statistics or customer metrics software. This results in an incomplete picture of your website’s performance and customer journey.

The Impact on Customer Journey Management

For marketers and product managers, understanding the complete customer journey is critical. Every interaction, from the first visit to the final purchase, provides valuable data that can be used to optimize the user experience and drive conversions. If a significant portion of your audience is using private browsing, your data becomes skewed, making it difficult to draw accurate conclusions and make informed decisions.

Introducing A Comprehensive Solution

At, we recognize the importance of both accurate customer journey management and user privacy. Our platform is designed to bridge the gap created by private browsing modes, ensuring you can still gather the insights you need without compromising on privacy.

How Works:

  1. Privacy-Respecting Tracking: focuses on tracking behavior rather than individuals. While we serve a single cookie to understand session activity, our technology does not rely on cookies or other identifying information that is typically blocked in private modes.

  2. Holistic Data Collection: By integrating data across various digital customer journey points, ensures that you have a comprehensive view of your customer interactions. This includes website visits, email interactions, e-commerce activity, and more.

  3. Accurate Attribution: Our platform uses advanced algorithms to attribute actions accurately, even if the initial touchpoints are hidden due to private browsing. This means you get a true representation of your customer journey, allowing for better decision-making.

  4. Ease of Integration: seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, including GTM, ensuring a smooth transition and continued data collection without additional complexity.

Balancing Privacy and Insight

At, we believe in a balanced approach to data collection and privacy. Our platform ensures that you can respect your customers' desire for privacy while still gathering the essential insights needed for effective marketing and business strategies.

In conclusion, while private browsing modes present a challenge for traditional tracking methods, they do not spell the end for accurate customer journey mapping. With, you can overcome these hurdles, ensuring that your data remains complete and actionable. Embrace the future of privacy-respecting data collection and keep your marketing and business strategies on track with

For more information on how can help you navigate the challenges of private browsing and enhance your customer journey management, subscribe or contact us today.

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