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Where We Work

Clickstone has been designed from the ground up to be a ubiquitous solution, capturing every step of the customer journey. We've used the simplest method possible to capture as much information as we can without violating privacy rights. 

Clickstone can guide your way across both the physical and digital realms with minimal impact to the performance of your channel marketing strategy.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram

Tested Placements

We can actively collect data from any of the following placements: 

  • Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge

  • Mailchimp or any other mail campaign system

  • Shopify / Magento / BigCommerce / eBay Listing Descriptions

  • Personal Email content and signature blocks

  • Any website or website publishing tool that allows an image

  • Google tag manager - ideal placement to collect user actions in a website

  • Wix,, any content publisher site

  • VAST tag tracking and ad placement signals

  • Zapier integration with Instagram or any other platform service that can trigger a Zapier event

  • Multi-domain attribution

  • Square

  • Survey monkey

  • Jotform

  • Wordpress

  • Hubspot Templates (website, blog, landing page)

  • Reporting Tools like PowerBI

  • Mobile app integration on iOS 

  • Physical in-store location and proximity detection using BLE beacons

Our behavior Tracking will follow your cohorts across domains and STILL respect privacy rights. Why? Because we NEVER track the person. We do track behavior so YOU can improve the customer experience.  If your customer agreements allow your users to be uniquely identified, contact us now and we can show you how to really ramp up your analytics by correlating your internal data with our customer journey metrics.

Follow your customer's journeys from the physical store, to their mobile app, and then on to your website, we follow them at every step and show you the entire journey under a single pane of glass. 

Contact is a product incubator owned and operated by Razer Technology Solutions, Inc. 


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