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A.I. Powered Insights

Our unique approach to data capture and bundling of step activity in the customer journey is what allows us to leverage the best of the A.I. models on the market. We provide sophisticated natural language summaries of the customer journey, saving you the time and effort to view dozens of steps. Our fine-tuned LLM's will filter and sift the relevant activity into the concise experience summary you need to make rapid and informed business decisions. 

We combine elegant charts and data with natural language to give you the full picture with all of the elements you need to truly appreciate the customer experience.




Optional Analysis

You decide which customer sessions to analyze and what steps in the funnel need your attention. Doing so means you can focus your budget what it's best spent. Processing A.I. queries is expensive, so you decide when and where to spend those resources.


Guided Response

No need to chase your tail on "what to ask" - we've done the prompt engineering for you and allow you to fine tune the conversation as needed. We bundle the data the right way, provide the LLM the correct prompts and you get the benefit of the natural language summary.

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Stored Analysis

No more lost conversation threads or "token exceeded". When you perform an analysis, we save it. You can perform compound analysis over multiple phase of the customer journey or leave them discrete. It's your choice. All of your A.I. analysis is saved and viewable at any point in the future. It's your customer and your data after all. 



Basic plans include up to 20 queries per month in the subscription fee. Pay as you go if you want to use more. Conduct as much or as little repeat analysis as you want and fine tune the analysis according to your needs.  How much is entirely up to you.

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